Quarterly Goals (Q3 2017)


Autocomplete Improvements

Autocomplete has fallen behind search and needs to be updated. There are several bug fixes that would improve result quality right away. Other improvements would include integration of placeholder/libpostal/interpolation.

Admin Lookup Improvements

We use the admin lookup module during our builds as well as part of /reverse query processing.

Data Quality and Coverage

Evaluate quality and coverage of POI and address data in several countries. Implement a validation testing suite that can be used to track progress in the evaluated countries.

Batch Geocoding

Officially release the Mapzen Search electron application to allow users to perform batch geocoding.

OpenAddresses Data Management Tool

A wizard-style data registry web-app to make OpenAddresses data contributions accessible.

License Meta Data

Note: this milestone is a carry-over from Q2-2017

Add license information to each record in the index. Indicate whether or not attribution is required and if the record falls under the share-alike clause.



Hire one new teammate!

Implement Ops Reform

Last quarter was R&D and this quarter we will start gradually transitioning into the identified infrastructure.

OSS Community

This quarter we will be presenting a workshop at FOSS4G in Boston focusing on how to setup an instance of Pelias.