Autocomplete Improvements v2

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Autocomplete has fallen behind search and needs some love. Here are the things we need to work on to get it inline with the other endpoints.



  • synonyms for the street layer


  • 'Union Square' POIs should sort before addresses on the street 'Union Square'
  • various issues related to sorting when focus.point API used

New features / Research

  • improve the parsing engine, attempt to reduce use of addressit

  • investigate the new ES2+ FST, the query language and potential performance gains.

    • what is the effect on build times?
    • how much flexibility do we have for analysis? Does this mandate a certain version of ES?
  • enable interpolation for autocomplete queries.

  • enable language translation features for autocomplete.

  • remove admin areas/ address records from elasticsearch - to reduce index size and increase performance.

    • requires some research in to how many street names are in OA but not OSM and a plan to manage this.
  • match admin fields by id instead of by string

  • consider that alt names for venues/streets will be coming the in future and try to account for that in the data model.


  • fix known bugs (where major refactoring is not necessary)
  • feature catchup (interpolation, language etc. where possible)
  • complete the schema changes for /search (filter admin via id)
  • upgrade elasticsearch

  • concurrently
    • research FST, create performance benchmarking tooling
    • research placeholder autocomplete