Quarterly Goals (Q2 2017)



Allow users to search for a place with administrative hiearchy names specified in English as well as the native language of that region.

On-Demand Scaling

Design and implement an automated scaling infrastructure that allows us to quickly spin up additional instances based on system load.

Improve Local Installation

Implement a simple installation process for a small local instance of Pelias designed for testing or working with small regions on a personal computer.

Improve Build Process

Further streamline the build process by adding more automated scheduling, validation, and rollups. Implement a higher level of abstraction for existing processes to make them more accessible via interfaces like Slack, for example. Possibly build an internal dashboard for managing all the builds in all of our environments.

License Meta Data

Add license information to each record in the index. Indicate whether or not attribution is required and if the record falls under the share-alike clause.


OSS Community

This is an ongoing goal that we plan to act on during every quarter, so don't be surprised to see it repeated every quarter.

Make index snapshots publicly available

Note: this milestone is a carry-over from Q3-2016

[07/07/2017] Update: This milestone is no longer relevant and is being retired without completion. We might revisit this idea if need be.