Coarse Reverse Geocoding

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The current coarse reverse geocoding solution is effectively broken and often results in incorrect results. It needs to be updated to ensure that a proper point in polygon lookup takes place instead of estimating with a best guess from nearby centroids of admin areas.


External Dependencies



  • [ ] Ensure that a true point in polygon lookup is used to compute results for coarse reverse queries
  • [ ] Revisit the available filters and map their effect on query logic


There will potentially be a significant ops component involved with this work. We would like to incorporate the point-in-polygon lookup in such a way that it can be hosted independently of the entire Pelias infrastructure.


  • [ ] Update coarse reverse documentation


- [ ] Publish the results of benchmark / load-test execution and make scaling recommendations. - [ ] Update / add acceptance tests to validate that the all required functionality has been implemented successfully. |input query|expected result| |---|---| | | | | | | | | | ## Future Work This will not involve changes to the venue and address layer reverse queries.